Fundación Temaikèn Educational Team  

Professionals, creatives, caring and curious people. Also explorers, and a little bit obsessed by work. We are the Temaikèn Foundation Educational Team. 

Together we seek to achieve the mission of promoting responsible attitudes of local communities and participatory activities for biodiversity conservation and nature protection.

 María Laura Schiffrin 

Educator by profession and carer by vocation. A team leader and an expert in the integration of ideas and contributions from members. She would need a 72-hour day to do all she has in mind.  Faithful to her good energies, she uses aromatic smokes, salt lamp light and carrot chips to feed the soul. Her smile is her personal mark; interdiscipline, her working method and consensus, her tactic to reach valuable targets.

 Nicolás Barreto 

Teacher by profession and conciliator by vocation. He is specialized in community activities and environmental educational processes. He is able to build different and complex bridges of trust with social stakeholders. In other life, he was a soap opera idol, but in this one he stands out due to his talent to coordinate ideas and his tolerance with the female team, which constantly drives him crazy. There is heavy metal is in his blood and a great dose of social commitment with younger people.


Professional occupational therapist and vocational photographer. As shown by her name, she comes from a warm country, with groove and enthusiasm that mobilizes the whole team. With her voice and laughs, she encourages us to share her world of knowledge on education and the great value of inclusion. Creative, glad and eye-catching, though not fond on cooking, she makes us know new horizons of a fairer society.


He is a second-to-none buddy for mate. He loves traveling.  Professional Licentiate in Tourism and Hotel Business, ex great guide in Temaikén Biopark.  
Always laughing, he's never in a bad temper. He loves children, a man with the soul of a kindergarten teacher. An excellent cook and improviser, he always succeeds in pulling anyone's chestnuts out of the fire.  

Current advocate of the tapir, he adores El Chaco region. 

 Eric Sambón 

Scout by profession and teacher by vocation. Devoted  to the inclusion programs for disabled people, he gives his best thus leaving his personal mark. He is a great "mate" mate and server, which renders him a necessary person to drive morning energies. He is always willing to hang in high places, make fire by rubbing two twigs and share the 340 kinds of knots to tie up our commitment to protect nature together.

 María de los Angeles Sardou 

Biology teacher by profession and stage artist by vocation.  She loves theautochthonous

biodiversity of the area where she lives (Tigre); specially, tadpoles. She is our official administrator of markers and ballpoint pens.

She is very meticulous about handicrafts and everything she touches becomes colorful.Detail oriented by nature, she is an expert in turning educational proposals into magic and transforming experiences.