In Fundación Temaikèn, we understand that nature protection is an issue to which all of us must be committed.

As a community, we recognize ourselves in diversity, appreciating the different creative abilities, skills and efforts of our members.

Only in this way can we learn, get involved, understand and promote transforming experiences.


As a society, our richness lies in
Come, enjoy and get involved!

how we do understand by disability?

Disability results from the interaction between the limitation of a person and the hindrances —such as attitudes and physical barriers— that constrain their full participation

in society. 

¿Qué entendemos por discapacidad?s

La discapacidad surge de la interacción entre 

la limitación de una persona

y los obstáculos - tales como actitudes y barreras físicas -

que impiden su participación

plena en la sociedad.

Did you know


In the Argentine Republic the percentage of people with some kind of permanent difficulty or limitation to see, hear, move, understand or learn amounts to 12.9%.

(Census 2010)

In Fundación Temaikèn we develop
inclusive proposals


All of us can 


protect nature!