Bioparque Temaikèn has been conceived as an inclusive and accessible place since its inauguration In 2002, providing a space that can be toured and fully enjoyed
by all our visitors.

Free admission

Disabled people can enter

free of charge together with 

an additional visitor.

A disability certificate will

be requested at the ticket office of the Biopark.


Priority windows 

At the ticket office of the Biopark.

Exclusive amphitheater,

"The place of Birds"

There is an area specially designed for people in wheelchairs to participate

in the activities and become part of the audience.

Material printed in Braille

General information on the Biopark and menus of the restaurants and fast food facilities.

Gastronomic options 

For celiac and diabetic people.

360° Movie theater equipped with induction loop technology

For hearing-impaired visitors.

Wheelchair hire service

In the Visitor Service

Center, at the Biopark entrance.

Specially adapted kids playground at the "Sensations Square."  

Inclusive area shared by disabled and non-disabled kids.

Free signposted parking lot 

For people showing a disability certificate.

Adapted rest rooms 

To be used by people with motor disability or reduced mobility.

Staff trained to orient

and interact with people with different types of disabilities.

Access ramp in all facilities

To facilitate circulation in

each area and attraction area.