We wish to support you in the process of design and implementation of your projects. To that end, we have prepared the Project Design Guidelines, where you will find several resources for your project’s development.


Thank you for duly filling out the 2 Reports! 

Once you have read it you will understand the project approach,  

at the corresponding development stage.

Give the necessary support from Fundación Temaikèn.


We encourage you to read the

Project Design Guidelines when

you are designing the proposal.

We expect this information to

be useful to organize the project 

step by step.

Things to bear in mind

Within the framework of this program, all

the activities planned by minor kids and/or teens, must be supervised by an adult(s)

person over 21.


  design your project  


The submission of both reports with the final product is a necessary condition to participate in the Second Active Awareness National Conference, on September 26 and 27, 2014.

Reporte i: desing

MAY 5 TO 16

We invite you to develop your action plan step by step.

The questions will invite you to define your work axes, objectives

and activities to attain such targets, who the responsible parties are, compliance terms and expected results.


It will be very useful to read previously the

Project Design Guidelines, in which we share methodological 

suggestions and several resources that will help you to

manage the proposal.

Report II: progress


Which have been the most significant moments of the teaching and learning process that you experienced? Which has been the greatest challenge you faced while implementing the project? Which form will you opt for to submit the work done during the Active Awareness National Conference?


We invite you to share this information, as well as other data you may want to emphasize in this report.