Who can enroll in ConCiencia Activa?

Educators and educational leaders over 18.


How can I enroll in ConCiencia Activa?

Enrollment is open and free. You can do it online. 

Once your form data is  confirmed, we will send the confirmation to you by email. In case you do not receive

this confirmation, please write to us using the contact form or email us at concienciaactiva@temaiken.org.ar.  



What is the program about?

Active Awareness is an environmental educational program addressed to educators and educational leaders devoted to working with kids and teens on aspects relative to the environment care and conservation.

The program has three main stages:

The first is, the open and free cycle of training, which takes place in April and May in the Temaikén Biopark and deals with key content on environmental education.

The second, is the support that the leader of the  Educational Department of the Foundation provide to each project participating in 2014 Active Awareness Program.

The third, is the II Active Awareness National Conference, which gathers all the kids and teens of Argentina who, together with their educators and educational leaders, have been devoted to the environment care and conservation through the whole year. This conference takes place in Temaikèn Biopark (Escobar, Buenos Aires province, Argentina).


Can I participate in the training cycle without being enrolled in the 2014 ConCiencia Activa program?

Yes! Any educator or educational leader can enroll in the training. The only prerequisite is to be over 18 and enroll previously in each activity. The enrollment in each training day begins two weeks before the activity and finishes 24 hours before  training starts. It secures the exclusive access of the enrolled person, without additional visitors.

All of the training takes place at the Temaikèn Biopark and is free of charge. 

Those people visiting the Biopark on at least 3 of the 4 dates will receive an attendance certificate



What is the II ConCiencia Activa National Conference about?

It is an event for participative and inclusive exchange, in which kids, teens and educators share experiences related to environment care and conservation.

In 2013, this celebration of environmental education gathered more than 5,000 children, teens and adults, who were committed to environmental education in a conference filled with art, laughter, teaching and learning.

Nothing better than this video to share the experience.

Don't miss it!  


Wich requisites must I comply with to participate in the II National Conference?

- To enroll in the Active Awareness Program between Mar 3 and April 13, 2014 and to receive our confirmation.

- To submit the completed design report and progress report on the dates scheduled to such end.

- Such reports must substantially reflect the proposal carried out together with the group of kids and/or teens. This

conceptual framework will be approached in the different training activities organized within the  Program Framework.

- Enroll all your students in the Conference itself on a date that we will make known in August. 

- Come to the Biopark!