Active Awareness
An Environmental Education

A proposal addressed to the educational leaders of Argentina, to promote the design, implementation and evaluation of projects related to environmental care and conservation. 

Educational visits
A new way to protect

A trip through nature, especially planned for students and educators of each educational level. They will tour the biorpark in a unique and different way, thus turning the educational visit into a life-enriching adventure.

Inclusive environment
Proposals for people with

As a community, we identify ourselves with diversity, recognizing the different creative capacities, skills and efforts of all our members. That is the only way to learn, understand and protect nature together.

a space to meet others,

establish new relationships, 

be part of an active and inclusive communitty, share experiences,

create collectively, and protect nature together.


Local communities committed to the environment

An environmental education program for the conservation of threatened species and degraded ecosystems in our country. We work with local communities situated in thr Provinces of Chaco, Formosa, Misiones and Córdoba.