Environmental Multipliers Educational Program

From the "Networks and Community" Education Area, we encourage local communities to develop environmental projects, trying to facilitate the collaborative learning and citizenship participation through new approaches, exchange spaces and socialization experiences.
Within this proposal, we carry out a Cycle of Workshops and Meeting Spaces to train environmental multipliers.


 our objetive

Promoting community involvement and commitment to execute local environmental projects that contribute to environmental convervation in  its biological and cultutal diversity.


Environmental education is a process by which "we seek forms of relationships among individuals, as social beings, and their life contexts; admitting that critical thinking is the way to think, rethink and make decisions creatively, towards a better quality of life from the sustainability viewpoint" (Castillo en Sauvè and Orellana, 2002).

The PEMA develops in regions where Temaikèn Foundation implements conservation projects of endangered species and protected areas.




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