PRIMARY LEVEL: I am part of nature and can take care of it.

I am part of nature


In this tour, we will explore different ecosystems of the world and get to know the richness of the Earth. We will reflect on how we can take care of them from our daily actions. Each activity invites the students to recognize themselves as

part of the environment, as well as to identify the relationships existing among the different members of the ecosystem. 

We can take care of animals


What is the impact of our actions on the environment we live in? What can I do to cooperate and take care of it? 


Throughout the tour, we will formulate together the possible answers to those questions. Depending on the type of visit you selected, you will get to know many animals:

Flamingos, Zebras, MonkeysMarine WildlifePudus, guanacos, Condors, Choiques (South American Ostrich), Pumas, HipposTigersCheetahs and Lemurs. (*)


(*) The animals, order and number will depend on your ticket category. The tour calendar (with specific timetables and the order of the environment where the different activities will be facilitated) will be assigned at the moment you start the visit to the Biopark.

Supplementary Material


Here you can download a didactical guide, specially designed for primary level. In the guide, you will find conceptual resources on environmental education (EE). These resources will orient you towards different didactical proposals as a contribution to the classroom. For this reason, we propose that you perform activities before and after the visits and also suggest that you review the different and highly valuable documentary sources as part of the activities.


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Mapa Modelo

Mapa Modelo

Map - Activity Guide


We invite you to start an amazing tour through nature, specially planned

for primary-level students and educators. Throughout the tour, you will

explore the richness of diverse ecosystems, thus reflecting on how we

can take care of them.


During the tour, it is important that you can recognize the exclusive signs

and posters for educational visits. They will lead you on the path to be

followed and will indicate the didactical resource that we suggest you

use to facilitate the activities.