Projects in Pampa del Indio, Chaco Province 


Fruit tree plantation 

Secondary-level School No. 78

This is a developing project based on the planting of fruit trees in a forest, producing

food and creating a space with shadow to carry out outdoor activities. 


Native birds and agrochemicals

Higher-Level Training Institute

This institute develops a proposal to analize the undue use of agrochemicals and their effect on the  reduction of the native bird population in the area of "Pampa del Indio" Provincial Park.


Project against tapir hunting 

Higher-Level Education Institute

This institute conducts research on the indiscriminate hunting of the tapir and promotes efforts to commit other people to studying environmental care.


 Project in Posta Cambio Zalazar, Formosa Province 


Tapir Science Club

Higher-level Provincial School N°39

This project organizes activities for the conservation of the tapir and other autochthonous animals. It participates in radio programs, distributes printed material  and organizes informative talks to reduce main threats.


Reforesting from school

Primary-level School No. 146, Kindergarten No. 39 and Higher-level Provincial

School No. 39

These schools and kindergartens carry out a joint project to raise the level of awareness

by growing native trees. They have conducted research, debated and produced seedlings to plant in their community.


We learn about the tapir by playing

Kindergarten No. 39

This project came about while developing the didactical unit relative to animals. By participating in different kinds of games, kids develop diverse skills and knowledge,

not only about the tapir and environment care, but also about themselves and their abilities. In the second stage of the project, educators and kids involve the community

in environmental care campaigns.


 Project in Lamadrid, Formosa Province 


Deforestation and the tapir's habitat

Secondary-level School No. F14

This works with the community to raise the level of awareness about the impact the deforestation has on the tapir's habitat through meetings, talks and debates with experts, as a first step towards woodland conservation.


 Projects in Guadalcazar, Formosa Province 


The armadillo (tatú carreta)

Secondary-level School No. F14

From research on the region past and present, it seeks to promote activities to inform the community and raise its level of awareness on this emblematic animal.


 Projects in Río Muerto, Formosa Province 


Project for the conservation of the tapir

Secondary-level Rural Basic Cycle No. 90 "Río Muerto" and No. 486, "El Solitario"

They work with people so that they recognize the problem of endangered animals, mainly in the case of the tapir, as the main representative of the native wildlife of the region.


 Balnearia Project, Córdoba Province 


Following the footprints of the "Aguará Guazú"

Kindergarten and Primary-level School "Dr. Pablo J. Rodríguez" and the Professional 

Institute of Technical and Secondary-level Education No. 261

This Project cooperates in the conservation of the aguará guazú in the region, through information and outreach activities in the community.


No agrochemicals

No Agrochemicals informs  the community of the appropriate use of agrochemicals to prevent health problems and improve the population's life quality.  


S.O.S. Animals threatened with extinction

Primary-level School "Vicente Lopez Planes"

Research project on the cause and characteristics of autochthonous threatened species..


To Know and Preserve Endangered Species: Aguará Guazú

Primary-level School "Jorge A. Sola"

It explains to students' parents that the aguará neither attacks cattle nor pets, thus discouraging them from persecuting and killing the animal.


 Miramar Project, Córdoba Province 


Birds Watching

Rural School "Colonia Puerta de los Montes Alexander Fleming"

The objective of the project is to raise the level of awareness about the preservation

of local species through bird watching.


 Project in San Ignacio, Misiones Province 


Environmental Awareness

Provincial School No. 420, "Juan Martín de Pueyrredón"

With the help of the community, this project developed concrete banks for battery disposal in Yacutinga, a spot without power supply. 


Let's take care of the environment

School No. 132 

The objective is to improve the disposal of waste in the schools and in the neighborhoods. It organized watching patrols, informative talks and put up posters.


Ecological Reserve

School No. 132

The objective is to improve the conditions of the Natural Reserve that belongs to the school, by taking care of and cleaning the paths, placing signs and identifying potential floral species.


S.O.S Waste

School No. 214

“Tell me what you dispose… and I tell you how much you contaminate”.  This motto organized the school waste management through classification and recycling. In addition, activities such as band performances, parades and tree plantation took place etc. to raise the level of awareness.


The old trees of my school

Provincial School No. 15

Through the identification of tree species, we encourage people to be in contact

with nature, raise their level of awareness and promote better attitudes towards environmental care.


Learning more about my province

School No. 74

From research on the flora and fauna of Misiones province and radio promotion, it aims

to raise the community’s interest in the natural resources of the region.


"Boulevard Bolívar" Natural Urban Reserve

Provincial Primary-level School No. 74

The school made the legal procedures to turn public spaces with centennial trees, known as "Boulevard Bolívar" into a natural urban reserve.  We promote preservation by convening the neighborhood to this place.


Ecological Quarter

High School No. 100

We made efforts towards improving the environmental care in "Barrio Evita" and the surrounding schools of the area, so that the neighbors could use the public spaces and avoid contamination from waste. 

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Día Nacional del Tapir

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Tapir en papel

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